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Pierre Bensusan

4AM Collection

4AM Collection - Contents Page

4AM Collection - Contents Page

4AM Collection - Hekimoglu

A collection of 12 mellow pieces compiled from various sources into one downloadable PDF songbook. Also includes MP3 files.

"I hope you will enjoy this all mellow collection named after a piece I recorded in the middle of the night in the Spices album, at Ramses Studio in Paris. My approach to DADGAD is very different to other guitarist’s experience, because I do not see DADGAD as an alternate tuning, it is my ‘native’ tuning. One of the implications of this is that my response to the guitar was through DADGAD only, and I learned to play the guitar in the sonic environment of DADGAD. This tuning provides a very special sonority (partly because of sympathetic resonance of strings and string crossing possibilities). The following tunes demonstrate how it is exploited. The amplification setup I use also plays a part in the search for the ideal sound. Mine has been a long process." - Pierre Bensusan


4 AM
Le Lendemain de la Fête
Silent Passenger
Hymn 11
Chant De Nuit
So Long Michael
If Only You Knew
Demain dès l’Aube
Autour du Jour en 80 Mondes