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Pierre Bensusan


For his involvment, insights, and guidance in the labyrinth of the web, heartfelt thanks to Marc Hotton ....

... and also to ...

Howard Rose
Ansgar Dälken
Allen Greenall
Dany Rallo
Christian Taillemite

For their drawins and paintings, thank you to:

Patrick Alexandre
Denise Cornu
Bob Giles
Horacio Tome Marques
Loic Trehin

For their photographs, thank you to:

Will Lew (welcome page)
Doatea Bensusan
Liam Blake
Jean-Pascal Boffo
Pascal Boisnier
CBS-Sony Japan
Dominique Cohas
Claudio Corivetti
Maddy Cornu
Keith Donovan
Carole Epinette
Kevin Estrada
Martha Ferguson
Joe Ferri
Bob Giles
Guitares & Claviers Magazine
Thomas Hammje
Evelyne Harper
Jeff Kahn
Stephan Laufer
Lisa Law
Jacky Lepage
Jean-Louis Maire
Stephane Merveille
Dominique Monnier
Kevin Monaghan
Hans Neleman
Peter Patrick
Alain Pons
Doug Sprei
Christian Taillemite
Esther Tamsma
Loïc Trehin
Michel Tyrogalas
Tokio Uchida
Irene Young
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