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Pierre Bensusan
Latest news from Bensusan HQ

Randy Rhoads Film came out!


Pierre's music "Hymn 11" has been chosen as background in this film relating the story of this guitar genius and his years with the band "Quiet Riot". Visit the Red Match Production website to get a copy of the film here: 

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Pierre Performs For Facebook Execs


One June 20th, 13, I did a show in Cannes which was, in fact, a private party organised by the Facebook executives. They invited lots of their worldwide clients + the marketing people from Google, Twitter, etc. Not much French speaking around. 90 minutes of guitar music non stop, ambient mood, followed by a D.J. Lots of Champagne & great food, once Juice for me  There were up to over 200...

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Article about Lowden Guitars in a Japanese magazine


Pierre was featured, alongside his Lowden stablemates Richard Thompson and Alex De Grassi, in a Japanese magazine article about Lowden Guitars  

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Concert preview in The Hartford Courant, Hartford (CT)


Guitarist Pierre Bensusan In Hartford   By OWEN McNALLY, Special To The Courant The Hartford Courant February 28, 2013   Sounding like several guitarists playing at once, the French-Algerian guitar virtuoso Pierre Bensusan keeps complex bass lines moving at a rapid clip while spinning dazzling contrapuntal melodic lines, neatly wrapping his tsunami technique in soothing orchestral textures...

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Radio Interview on Milwaukee Public Radio


On February 13th 2013 Pierre did an interview on WUVM Milwaukee Public Radio with Bonnie North, for her broadcast The Lake Effect You can listen to the show here: Don't forget to visit the Tours page to catch Pierre live while he's in the US and Canada for the next few weeks

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Pierre is featured on the cover of Fingerstyle 360 - US on-line magazine


Pierre was featured on the cover of Fingerstyle 360 magazine in January.  The full article will be printed here once the issue is in the archives. Please visit the Fingerstyle 360 website to get a copy of this issue:              

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Pierre's US & Canada tour starts on Friday 15th February!!


Pierre's US and Canada tour 2013 starts this Friday 15th February with a concert at the Peck School of the Arts in Milwaukee. The tour takes in 16 cities across the US and Canada including Milwaukee, Ann Arbor, Barnesville, Charlottesville, Vienna, Bethlehem, Lexington, Brattleboro, Portland, Hartford, New York, Wellsville, London, Buffalo and Cleveland.  To see details and book ticket...

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Hymn 11 and Chant de Nuit used on a video retrospective on the Prague revolution


Pierre's music, "Hymn 11" (again) and "Chant de Nuit" from the album "Altiplanos", have been used for that video which shows a restrospective of black and white photographs shoot during the revolution in Prague in 1968, when the soviets have invaded the city. This film and exhibitation have been put together by Richard Pivnika, the consul of the Czech Republic in San Francisco.

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'Night Song' live video at the Institute of Musical Traditions


The video below was filmed during Pierre's last US tour on May 23rd at the Institute of Musical Traditions in Washington.    

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Streaming guitar lesson in Nashville, Tennessee


On May 16, 2012 Pierre filmed a streaming guitar lesson with Steve Krenz in Nashville, Tenessee.Below is a short version of L'Alchemist, and improvised tune with both Pierre and Steve and the full 60 minute broadcast.

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TV broadcast with Radio-Canada Television


Click the image below to see a TV broadcast with Radio-Canada Television, prior to the concert in Vancouver:  

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