Cher Pierre, je suis fâché. J'écoute en boucle Intuite et Altiplanos depuis plusieurs mois maintenant. Le silence entre ses deux disques me pèse. Tu mets trop de temps à sortir un nouveau disque!! Il faut composer plus! Il faut penser à des gens comme moi, pas fichus de tenir une guitare correctement, trop paresseux pour travailler la musique, mais qui la vivent jusque dans les tripes grâce à des gens comme toi! Au boulot, s'il te plait, c'est une oeuvre salvatrice dans ce monde terne. Merci, et avec tout mon
Posted by  CATHERINE AMOUR DELIAS - 6/30/2007
Hello Doatea, Listening to Pierre's wonderful music for many years, it disposed me a few months ago to learn playing guitar in DADGAD-tuning. My "first lesson" was one of my favourite songs - L'Alchemiste, it's a very hard work for me, even I never played DADGAD before. It seems, that this tune get's harder with every bar, and sometimes i think, Pierre must have 6 fingers on every hand :-) Actually I can play about 70% of the song and I think I had to learn some more about technical and theoretical stuff of his excellent playing. Greetings to y
Posted by  Dave Bartlett - 6/29/2007
Boone concert Ralph and Debbra Grosswald on 19/7/07 Good morning! Mike and I can't stop raving about last night! What an incredible evening! Pierre's talent and personality are beyond words! Please give our best to him. His concert is one we will never forget. Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you again for such a special night.
Posted by  Neil Robinson - 6/29/2007
Je vais ouvrir le guestbook avec un grand bravo pour le concert de l'Inoui d'hier soir avec Michel Benita.
Posted by  Marco - 6/27/2007
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