"Vividly" Pierre, I just got around to listening to the CD I got at Robins. Wow, In-Between, please sing more of your songs in English. It is fabulous. Michael Black
Posted by  Michael McKinney Black - 4/19/2011
Objet: masterclass et concert du 16 avril à Ploemeur Bonjour à jacques et à Pierre , je voulais vous remercier pour votre gentillesse et votre qualité humaine . un concert d'une très grande qualité musicale , merci pour ce beau voyage . A+ Michel Brouard
Posted by  Michel Brouard - 4/18/2011
I can't get over what a great show you did in Takoma Park on Wed night. the guitar sounded fabulous but your playing was some of the best I've heard from you. I really liked the "Lion" song you did near the end. that took me to another place. quite a work of art for a voice and guitar. I felt sorry for you not getting any sleep the night before but it didn't show in your playing and singing. they call a lot of people masters of guitar, but for right now, you are it. jeff
Posted by  Jeff Severson - 4/4/2011
Bonjour, Je voulais, dans la continuité de mon message à propos des dauphins de l'autre jour, me permettre un petit commentaire concernant Voyage pour l'Irlande, que je viens d'écouter grâce à un des liens que vous aviez joint à votre réponse. Moi qui me sens souvent totalement "figé" dans d'invariables interprétations d'un même morceau lorsque j'essaie de faire vivre la musique, je suis toujours fasciné d'entendre comment un même "thème", ou une même "idée" ou inspiration comme on voudra, peut prendre tant de couleurs différentes.... Jamais vraiment la même, jamais vraiment différente... Cela se confirme à l'écoute de votre Irlande... Ca me rappelle un ami peintre, ou d'autres peintres plus connus, qui peuvent indéfiniment ré-interpréter un même sujet sans jamais le rendre lassant.. Il y a un peintre français que j'adore, c'est Albert Marquet, qui a vécu aussi en Algérie d'ailleurs, et qui a beaucoup peint les ports. Je vous joins ici une vue de paris. Picturamicalement vôtre. Silvio.
Posted by  Silvio Molenaar - 3/23/2011
Bonjour, Concernant le journal de route de votre tournée us reçu dans le dernier courriel-pub. Là vous me rendez doublement jaloux : j'ai toujours rêvé de faire un brin de causette un jour avec nos amis les dauphins et aussi de pouvoir restituer si bien en partage musical tout ce que la vie peut offrir.... Et vous tout ça le même jour devant un parterre de dauphins ! Moi je dis : sacré veinard !!! amicalement, Silvio
Posted by  Silvio Molenaar - 3/20/2011
Bon Jour, Pierre! I hope by the time you get this, you have arrived safely home. I just wanted to thank you again for the lesson you gave Ron and me. I will continue to practice and work on the techniques you shared with us. Spending the afternoon with you was a pleasure that I will remember always. The concert was absolutely sublime. You were luminous...transcendent. Period. When I listen to you and your music, there is something that happens on a spiritual level...something that pierces the soul and communicates things that are known yet cannot be expressed in words. I hear you in colors and textures and truths that have been known forever. You speak in sonic waves that articulate both the familiar and those things we can only know in dreams. You touch my spirit, Pierre, and confirm with the movement of your hands all of those things that define the very best of our humanity and the ethereal that transcends all that exists beyond us. I must sound silly and effusive, but you touch my soul. I wish you much joy and and every blessing for you and your loved ones. You are a light in this often very harsh world. Namaste, my brother.
Posted by  Noa Bursie - 3/18/2011
Thanks, Pierre, love and admire your playing, such grace and elegance. I hope to see you in Scotland soon!
Posted by  Alister H Rae - 3/18/2011
Pierre, you played and sang brilliantly tonight! Truly inspiring! Here is the "more cowbell" story: This involved a comedy skit on an old Saturday Night Live (aka SNL) show a number of years back. I will see if I can find a clip of it on YouTube to send you... The "Blue Oyster Cult" (a real American hard rock band from the 70's) was recording one of their famous tracks, "Don't Fear The Reaper" in a commercial studio. Comedian and SNL cast alumnus Will Ferrell played one of the band members. Apparently, his role was to bang t a cowbell incessantly on all four beats of every measure of the track. The album producer was played by actor/comedian Christopher Walken. After the band finished a take, one of the bandmembers asked the producer what he thought of it. The producer replied, "It's great, guys, but I really need to hear MORE COWBELL." This same scene played out for a number of subsequent takes...apparently the producer could never be satisfied... As far as I'm concerned, mon ami, you can use as much reverb as you desire anytime you play for me...You are a master at your art and craft, and it is inspiring to listen to you. In fact, it's a rare treat to hear you perform live. I hope that you will return to the DC area more often...Au revoir... Cheers, Alan
Posted by  Alan Oresky - 3/18/2011
Thank YOU for the inspiration. You have changed the way I look at music, dog training, life and all forms of expression in general. You are a inspiration to anyone who will listen to you play or speak. Can't wait to see you again. With enough practice and advancement, I will make it out to one of your seminars at you home in France. For me, that would be the most exciting thing ever. Take care Mark
Posted by  Mark Keating - 3/13/2011
Minneapolis concert, 3/9/11 My girlfriend and I were absolutely blown away last night with your performance at the Cedar. I've been studying your music and techniques for about a year now and to see you live is a whole other ballgame(as we say in the states). I rarely say two words because I feel like they are so heavily over-used in our language that they have lost their potency. But with your music these words are an understatement. They are "brilliant" and "masterful". Thats what I was left saying the whole drive home last night. Wow. Hopefully next time your in town we can arrange a VIP lesson. If there is anything I could do to help as far as finding a location or anything please let me know. I would love for your to direct me towards the next logical step in my advancement as a player. Thanks so much for such a great show. Enjoy the rest of your tour and travel safely. All the best Mark Keating
Posted by  Mark Keating - 3/11/2011
I've decided "Inbetween" is one of the best songs every written. its got it all; depth, melody, and lyrics that actually mean something and bring out the best in people. and you know what else? this would make a killer wedding song and I mean that in the best sense; it could be the new wedding anthem. I hope you know how good it is! jeff
Posted by  Jeff Severson - 3/8/2011
March 8, 2011 Subject: friday night's face melting Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to see Pierre’s show on Friday. It was incredible start to finish. I came in with high expectations just from listening, but had no idea how his performance would go. Let me say it was more than I expected..I loved how vocal he was not in just singing but singing notes and just jamming…it was great. Period. Thanks again, it truly means a lot what you are doing. Peace Shane
Posted by  Shane Heath - 3/8/2011
Thank you so much for sharing your music with us here in Jackson last night! You were incredible and a great source of inspiration for me personally on guitar. Please come back in the future and I hope the rest of your tour goes well! -Cody Bruce
Posted by  Cody Bruce - 3/8/2011
Hello Pierre, It's been so long, more than 20 years since last we met, I think in Roskilde, Danmark. I was doing interviews with you for the Danish Radio, and you presented me with your latest albums at the time, Solilaï, Musiques and Pres de Paris, all with your signature on (I still keep them, although my record player is gone). Stunning music, both then and now! The reason I thought of you was that I found an old postcard that you sent me for Christmas back in the 70's in a box with old letters! So I looked you up on the internet (you have a formidable website!) and thought I'd say hello and wish you all the best with a fantastic career, I can see you're still going strong and presently in the US, fantastico! Another great French contribution the music scene in those years was Malicorne, that I also interviewed, but they're not around any more, it seems. Hope to see you again, hopefully earlier than another 20 years ;-) -- Venlig hilsen / Sincerely Leif Carlsen journalist | fotograf (DJ)
Posted by  Leif Carlsen - 3/6/2011
Mr. Bensusan Thank you so much for sharing your music with us here in Jackson last night! You were incredible and a great source of inspiration for me personally on guitar. Please come back in the future and I hope the rest of your tour goes well! -Cody Bruce
Posted by  Cody Bruce - 3/5/2011